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Esports Token
Esports Biggest Gaming Token Worldwide


Our first Esports token tournament will be the world renowned and critically acclaimed Fortnite. During the tournament players earn points by placing exceptionally well or by securing multiple eliminations in a match. The better the player does the tougher it gets, the more Esports tokens the player can acquire.

The Vbucks earned by the player will be exchangeable for Esports tokens which can then be either cashed out into the players wallet for monetary value or can simply be reused on other games on the platform.

Trophies will be awarded in the form of NFT’s. Our trophy NFT’s will pay out weekly bnb earnings to the holder for 1 month then remain in the trophy winners NFT wallet. Any trophy holder with an inactive trophy who collects a second trophy will also activate payouts from the inactive trophy earning them weekly payouts from 2 trophies for that particular month.


Next Event

Date: Saturday, August 28th 2021

Time: 3:00pm


Bringing you our first tournament where players will play to win our very own Esports tokens worth up to $50,000.
Winner takes all and also our very first Esports token NFT trophy.
Trophy NFT’s pay out weekly BNB for the period of 1 month.

  • Creating the innovative gaming tournament and establishing the core team members
  • Preparing all backend fundamentals, legal documents and finalise complete tokenomics in view of initial launch
  • Creation of website
  • Creation of whitepaper
  • First initial token offering
  • Creating gaming token version for BEP20 standard and token pre listing
  • Applications sent to Coingecko, Coinmarketcap & Unirocket
  • Introducing token benefits and concept to top players
  • Implementation of gaming token to first tournament
  • Onboarding of our first influencers
  • First AMA team and team reveal
  • Gaming token listing on crypto exchanges
  • Establishing sustainable gaming tournaments with gaming token as the main currency
  • NFT’s market place completion
  • First NFT’s listed for sale on our very own community market place
  • Introduction of token gaming app available to download from app stores
about us

Esports token

Esports token is the first BEP20 smart token to be introduced to the blockchain network, we are a community coin and we are so excited to be bringing our whole community into our project.

We have exciting tournaments coming up which will allow our community to play each other and enter via our unique token in order to battle it out for major prizes.

We have some of the biggest names in the gaming industry getting online to get involved in our tournaments, let’s see if you have what it takes to compete with the best of the pack.
We increase our team of developers regularly so we can bring more and more games and tournaments to our community.

We will also be opening up developer tutorials to assist with the making and development of new games and NFT’s for our community.



Marketing and Influencers






Prize Pool

why choose us

Why Esports token?


Esports token is on a mission to change the way gaming is viewed and to bring play for pay to all of our community and not just to top names in gaming.


We want to build the biggest strongest Gaming and crypto based community there is worldwide without constraints.
We want to do it ourselves and we want to do it our way.
The more we play the more that gets generated in play revenue and the more that gets distributed into our liquidity wallet.
The liquidity wallet pays out on our communities tournament wins and other prizes that are up for grabs on a monthly basis.


Moon Runner app
Fortnite tournament
Speed ski App
NFT release
Marketplace release
We have many big upcoming projects & partnerships that we will be updating you on along the way.


5% Marketing and Influencers
3% Team
7% Liquidity
5% Prize Pool

Tokens Redistribution

3% Prize Pool
5% Liquidity Pool
5% Redistribution